Top 3 Side tours: you will see a completely different world

You will be able to sunbathe while a comfortable yacht carries you along the lake with emerald scenery. You will see the Manavgat Waterfall which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The place where the river flows into the sea: it can not be overlooked. And, of course, you can swim. A visit to the Grand Bazaar is the tour highlight. It will surprise you with the variety of souvenirs.

Tour 2. Biblical triangle

An intense 2-day tour to the places of «power» will make you forget everything. You will enjoy a trip along the Taurus Mountains to Efrat, the cave of Kalik, the ancient city of Colossae and the terraces of Pamukkale, which can also be seen from a hang glider. And it’s only the first day… It makes no sense to describe everything as the text can not express the impression which awaits you.

Tour 3. Jeep ride to Tazy Canyon

If you’re looking for an extreme trip, it’s definitely what you need. You will be amazed by steep cliffs up to 400 m, the mountain river Köpryçai, which runs along the gorge like an emerald vein. Stone pillars Adam Kaylar called Turkish Pandora and ancient cities will be along your way. Jeeps, wind in the face and unbelievable feeling of freedom will accompany you during the trip as well as views that have to get into the memory card of the phone or camera.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of these places. Or… find another tour on the website. You deserve a cool bright holiday!