Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your service and the services of a tour operator and street agencies?
As a contact center for tourist sites, we do not sell tours. The Traveling Store processes applications, confirms and provides advisory support until the end of the tour. The Traveling Store is a platform for the "Customer-Executor" principle. All other agencies are intermediaries between the customer and the contractor, as a result of which the price of services increases significantly.
What do you earn?
We work on the principle of a contact center and do not accept payments for services from tourists. An insignificant payment for the services of the contact center is borne by the tour operator.
Is it possible to get a quality tour without the participation of street agencies and a hotel guide?
Such sightseeing facilities as Diving, Quadrosafari, SPA-Hamam, Yacht, Dinopark and the like perform the entire complex of the program themselves: transfer, instructors, guides, meals, etc. To all this, all guarantee and responsibility rests with the tour executor. Therefore, in organizing such tours, there is no need for intermediaries in the form of a tour operator or a street agency. Their presence only increases the cost of the tour, without affecting its quality.