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Restaurant Tropik from Belek

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The Tropik restaurant is located in the picturesque Ulupınar Gorge near the Taurus Mountains. The tourists come here from all over Antalya to enjoy a pleasant nature vacation and tasty dishes of river trout, seafood and grilled meat.

In translation from the Turkish language Ulupinar means «majestic source». The mountain river was blocked with dams to make several waterfalls and ponds. The riverbed was divided into several branches, above which bridges for passage and 35 gazebos were constructed. Guests can relax in the shade of tall trees under the sound of a mountain stream.

The Tropik restaurant is a relaxing place for the whole family. Adults can walk around the territory, enjoying the views of the Taurus mountains, taking beautiful photos or go fishing for trout in one of the ponds. There is a playground for children.

Turkish dishes of fish, seafood and several types of meat, as well as delicious desserts will bring pleasure to both adults and small visitors of the restaurant.

Book a transfer to spend time in nature and get into the Tropik restaurant without long waiting!



✔️ Transfer from / to the hotel

✔️ Bus with air conditioning

• Have your passport with you;
• Transport for the excursion should be expected on the street before entering the hotel, at the gate;
• In case of transport delay for more than 15-20 minutes, contact the operator.

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Restaurant Tropik from Belek
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