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Restaurant Antalya Balık evi from Kemer

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Antalya Balık evi


Mediterranean cuisine has a reputation as one of the healthiest and most balanced in the world. It is best to taste in one of the oldest and elite restaurants in Antalya – Antalya Balık Evi which is among the top ten restaurants in the region, presented with such awards as «Restaurant of the Year», «Best quality products» and «Best service». In December 2021, one of the stages of the MasterChef Turkey culinary competition took place here.

The restaurant is located by the sea, and you can taste Mediterranean cuisine prepared by award-winning Turkish chefs, enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxing sea sounds.

In their reviews the visitors of Antalya Balık Evi underline the refined interior of the restaurant, a cozy botanical mini-garden and a playground with a swimming pool. There are all conditions to relax with the whole family.

The restaurant serves fresh Mediterranean fish and seafood. Delicious desserts will complement the pleasant gastronomic experience of dinner in Antalya Balık Evi.


Antalya Balık evi


✔️ Transfer from / to the hotel

✔️ Bus with air conditioning

• Have your passport with you;
• Transport for the excursion should be expected on the street before entering the hotel, at the gate;
• In case of transport delay for more than 15-20 minutes, contact the operator.

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Restaurant Antalya Balık evi from Kemer
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