Top 3 Marmaris tours for those who want more impressions

Tour 1. Trip to the Cleopatra island: here wishes come true

What can’t you do for love? That’s what Marcus Antony thought and created for Cleopatra a magnificent beach. Welcome to the island of Cleopatra, or Cedir, known for its unique pearl sands. You will swim where the queen used to swim. After that you will take a trip to Cedrai, where the ruins of the Temple of Apollo are located. What you have to do is just to make a wish.

Tour 2. Travel to Dalyan: a world between heaven and earth

The tour will begin with a walk along the tectonic Lake Koycegiz, which is surrounded by green mountains, being delightful for the eyes. And then you will enjoy the body healing springs Sultaniye Spa. The city of Kaunos will take your breath away with its tombs carved in the rocks. It’s a place between heaven and earth, and the ancient people believed it brought the dead closer to God.

Tour 3. Voyage to the Aegean Islands: a gateway to the mystical past

Walk on water as on land? Easy! If you are on the path Maiden Spit Kyz-Kumu. You will go there on a comfortable yacht. Beautiful scenery, azure water will surround you. You will visit Selima Bay and unique antique ruins. You will see Toothful Island, born of volcanic lava. You can make a wish at the magic tree on the island of Camellia.


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