Top 3 Kusadasi tours: Luxury vacation for budget money

Tour 1. Samos Island: beaches, Herodotus and Pythagoras

Samos is an island in Greece. To get there, you have to take a ferry trip, which will give time to draw up a plan of rest. After all, you will have 6 hours on the island. You can simply sunbathe, ride the scooter or visit the places that Herodotus himself has noticed. There is the Temple of the goddess Hera and Eupalinos tunnel and the cave where Pythagoras taught. You feel the greatness of these names. And you will walk along those sites where they have walked.

Tour 2. Sailing: nature and dolphins

This is a great choice for a family vacation or a romantic trip. Just imagine how someone here makes an offer. After all, everything astounds here: you are in Eden. Travelling on a yacht you will visit three bays: azure bay Soguk Su, turquoise Butterfly Bay and light blue Pine Bay. And dolphins? They can accompany the yacht (if, of course, they are in the mood).

Tour 3. Trip to Ephesus: Temple, Legends and Virgin Mary

Many legends are connected with Ephesus, the most famous story of Herostratus and the Virgin Mary, who lived near the city after the ascension of 

Jesus. On the tour you will learn many interesting stories, you will see the ruins of the famous Temple of Artemis, the Library of Celsus, the house where Mary lived, the Wall of Desires and much more.