Top 3 Kemer tours: what to see in Kemer, if you are short of time

Tour 1. Chimera Lights : Legends and Extremes

Yes, you will see the flame of the monster. But first you will walk along the ancient Olympos, relax on the beach and, if you’re lucky, meet the unique Caretta-Caretta turtles. When dusk falls, you will climb Mount Chimera to see all the fury and beauty of the erupting flame.

Tour 2. Suluada Island: sun, sea and love

Prepare your swimwear and sunscreen, as you go to the Turkish Maldives. Yacht will take you to the beaches of Suluada: clear water, clean sand, untouched nature. Well, it’s a paradise! And could paradise be without love? That’s why you’re going to the Grotto of Love in Axeki. And what a wonderful legend is associated with this place!

Tour 3. Trip to Pamukkale : history and health

It’s ideal for those who want to see the maximum during one day. The tour starts from Salda Lake. After that you will visit the ruins of Hierapolis, attend the «Cotton Castle» of the Titans and relax in the «Cleopatra Basin». It’s great in all respects!


In Kemer you will spend magical days that will become the source of your family legends. You will find more tours on our website . Choose and go!