Top 3 Istanbul tours for those who want to see the most beautiful places in the city

To see Istanbul and… to fall in love. That’s the kind of emotions you’ll have got after a trip. First, you will be amazed by miniatures of all the city sights in the «Miniature» museum.  The ride on the cable car between the hills of Pierre Loty and Euup will take your breath away as well as a panoramic view from the highest point. And you will finally fall in love with the city after visiting the most iconic and beautiful places in Istanbul. Ready to be in the fairy tale? Go!

Tour 2. In the footsteps of the Sultan

You will see where and how the Ottoman sultans lived, as well as learn the most treacherous mysteries and intrigues of the court. You will also stroll through the Hippodrome Square, the Topkapi Palace, where the romance of Sultan and Hürrem began and visit the Blue Mosque and Roxolana’s Hammam. This tour is the best gift to fans of the «Magnificent Century».

Tour 3. Two continents

Istanbul has combined the refinement of Asia and the extravagance of Europe. There is no such city anywhere else. You will follow the footsteps of the Sultan. You will see the mosque of Sacred Sofia which is a visiting card of the city. While taking a boat trip along the Bosporus, you will be able to see the strait and the city from the observation deck.

You will definitely have a wonderful time during the Istanbul tour, as well as during other tours that you can find on this website.. 

Welcome to the fascinating world of travel!