Top 3 Fethiye tours: from extreme to wellness

Tour 1. Rafting

The Dalaman River is one of the most popular downhill routes. You will find winding rapids, steep turns and an extraordinary surge of adrenaline. The route provides stops for both recreation and photo sets. You can also swim in the river. For the bravest tourists there is a jump from the rocks. Who’s already recalled a famous rock song in your head?

Tour 2. Diving

Once you see the word “diving”, you can no longer explain anything. After all, it is an immersion in another world. Let’s just say that you will get everything: briefing, insurance, equipment, lunch, 2 dives and the opportunity to buy a video about your underwater voyage. The only question is, will you find an ancient treasure on the bottom? Dive and find out.

Tour 3. Wellness


Mineral mud thermal springs called Sultaniye, where you will go, cures various diseases. But before you plunge into this healing mud, you will see the picturesque shores of Lake Kedgegiz. And after rejuvenating you will visit Lycian tombs carved right in the rocks. The highlight of the tour is the unique Loggerhead sea turtles. What is their uniqueness? You’ll find out during the tour.

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